Student Exchange with Amman 2013

In June 2013, German students from Hamburg-based secondary schools Goethe and Dörpsweg welcomed their guests from Jordan. Led by GDAB chairwoman Naimeh Hollmann, the visit to Hamburg and its surroundings preceeded the visit of the German students to Jordan in September of the same year.

In Germany, the Jordanian students were able to experience both family and school life with their peers as well as the sights of Northern Germany. Hightlights included their trip to Berlin and a meeting with a representative from the Group of German Parlamentarians for the relationships with Arabic-speaking countries of the Near East.

In the Kingdom of Jordan the German students also enjoyed a multi-faceted program with their Jordanian friends. Beyond taking part in their hosts’ family and school life in the capital of Amman, the students visited culturally and historically relevant sights such as Jerash, Petra and Madaba. Also their visit of the Dead Sea – Earth’s lowest point on Earth – made a lasting impression. Excited about the country and its people many of the German students would have loved to just stay in Jordan instead of heading back home after two weeks.

The Society for German-Arab Encounters (GDAB, a German registered association) organized the exchange in cooperation with secondary schools Goethe Gymnasium and Gymnasium Dörpsweg of Hamburg as well as the Rawdat Al-Ma'aref School in Amman, Jordan.


What participants say:

To spend the time in the family was a great experience and I got to know a lot about their culture and their everyday life. They showed lots of hospitality.”

I am happy that we got the opportunity to join this exchange program!”

The host families were very, very nice and we all felt very cosy at home and we didn’t want to leave.”

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