Delegation from Sharjah in Germany

From April 26 to May 2, 2010, and in cooperation with the Hamburg Regional Institute for Teacher Training and School Development, GDAB organized the visit of a delegation from the Arab Emirate of Sharjah to Germany. The five Emirati civil servants from a number of centers for the handicapped met with German experts from German institutions. In the course of a number of meetings and on-site briefings, experts from both countries discussed challenges and opportunities in the support and integration of handicapped people in educational institutions.

The encounter of experts from Germany and the United Arab Emirates contributed to both professional knowledge exchange and an improved intercultural understanding. As an immediate outcome of the delegation’s visit, the principal of one of the integrational schools in Hamburg was invited to participate in an international conference on the integration of handicapped children at school. The conference was to take place late 2010 in Sharjah.

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